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Why Choose Wilhoit Kicking?

You will never know what your true potential is as a kicking specialist until you do the proper training. My job is to teach you how to train with the right drills, done the proper amount of times, and done the right way!



We want everyone that trains with Wilhoit Kicking to improve their fundamentals as a specialist. Fundamentals are extremely important and the foundation to our lessons.

Kicking Camps

Kicking Camps

Coach Wilhoit offers camps throughout the year. Specialists will leave the camp knowing what to work on and how to improve their game.

Prepare For The Next Level

Prepare For The Next Level

Last year's kicking class committed to schools including Tennessee, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Mississippi State and Purdue. Learn the skills to be competitive.

  • Testimonial

    Honesty, integrity, and guidance

    RIchard Medley, Father of Aaron Medley, Kicker at UT

    I believe James is the very reason my son has been able to set himself apart at camps, by taking his natural ability and incorporating sound mechanical techniques to let him be what his ability allows. The honesty,integrity, and guidance are the traits that I have appreciated the most from James.

  • Testimonial

    James will get the most of your kicker

    Alan Holt, Father of Crews Holt, Ravenwood HS

    Trust in someone who knows the difference, who is one of the few kicking gurus in the country addressing this fundamental flaw with most kickers. He'll get the most out of your son if your son commits to the process.

  • Testimonial

    James has made a difference

    Len Cooke , Father of Logan Cooke, Kicker at Miss. State

    James' knowledge as a kicker and a kicking instructor has made a difference in the kicker/punter Logan has become. James has been an encourager and continues to challenge Logan to be the best that he can be. Not only is he a good kicking coach for our son, but James has given us advice about camps, showcases, and recruiting. His guidance has helped us as parents and Logan as a college prospect, to get through this process.

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Coach Wilhoit gives updates on techniques, news and events, and knowledge to get you prepped for the game.

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