Saturday Night Lights Camp

Saturday Night Lights Camp

This will be the 5th annual Wilhoit Saturday Night Lights Camp. This camp is for current high school kickers looking to test their skills “under the lights.” Kickers are only as good as they perform under pressure. Pressure is something you either shy away from, or you embrace. I believe that success under pressure is developed over time and experience. This camp is designed to give Wilhoit clients the experience of pressure and to develop comradery with other kickers. When I was in high school, I loved going to kicking camps because the other kickers became good friends. Very few people understand what it is like to be a kicker, except for other kickers themselves. The other coaches for this camp are also long-time Wilhoit kickers that have played or are currently playing in college. Kickers get the chance to meet the guys they have been watching on television and even witness a spirited kicking demonstration between coaches.


July 14-15 Saturday Night Lights Camp (Brentwood, TN)


This camp consists of:

  • 2 Training Sessions
  • 1 Night Competition
  • College Demonstration
  • Evaluation & Ranking
  • Wilhoit Kicking T-Shirt

Session #1 (4-5:30 PM )

4:00-4:30 PM- Registration

4:30-5:30 PM College Demo (Light Snack will be provided)


Day 2- Saturday July 15th:

10:00-1:30 Training Session & Review of Competition


Session # 2 Competition (6-10 PM)

6:00-6:15 Group C Warm Up
6:15-6:45 Group C Field Goals
6:45-7 Group C Kickoffs (Group B Warm Up)
7-7:45 Group B FG & Kickoffs
7:45-8:30 Group A FG & Kickoffs
8:30 Knockout Double Elimination
– Group C
– Group B
– Group A

8:30-9:30 Punting Competition

Finish by 9:30-10 PM


Session #3 (10-1:00 PM)

10-1:10- Warm Up

10:10-1:30- No Step One Step & Side Angle

10:30-1:35 Water

10:35-11- Three Step Explosion

11-11:15- Steps and Angles on Kickoffs

11:15- 11:40- Kickoffs through goalpost

11:40-11:45- Water

11:45-12:15- Punting Mechanics

12:15-1 PM- Last Second FG Competition



Cost: $325 Kickers (Camp T-Shirt Included)
$75 Long Snappers (1 Day Only)


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