Kicking Coach – The Wilhoit Way



The “Wilhoit Way” is the James Wilhoit official hashtag. The idea of the hashtag originated from Arkansas State kicker Brian Davis and has been an effective way to describe training with James Wilhoit Kicking. A Wilhoit kicker is technically sound, focused, mentally tough, and hard working. Throughout my kicking career I excelled by trying to outwork my opponent and finding any advantage possible to have success.

Wilhoit kickers are starting to have incredible success in college and I anticipate quite a few of them could be playing PRO football in the coming years. This business started 8 years ago with my first client, Corey Acosta, who just finished a great career at Southern Miss. My first few years of coaching were spent doing trial and error. I had been around great kicking coaches in the past but it is very different going from being a kicker on the field and being a coach. Coaches have to know when to push a kicker and when to praise him. You also have to develop an eye for making the proper adjustments.

After training 100 kickers in the past 8 years and having 35 kickers or punters receive Division I scholarships, I have developed “The Wilhoit Way”. If you buy into the process you will see results.