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ADVANCED Sport Psychology Webinar

Improving your mind so you can improve your game.


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Senior program participants received scholarships this year


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As you train your body, don’t forget

to train your mind.

At the heart of #TheWilhoitWay is a simple conviction: education is essential to success. That’s why I’m so excited to be putting together a webinar on Sports Psychology.

You can improve your performance without ever stepping foot in the gym. As many athletes know, training your mind is just as crucial as training your body. This webinar will give you the confidence you need to improve your preparedness to overcome any obstacle, physical or mental, and thrive under pressure. If you’re ready to put your mental toughness on a whole new level, join coach James Wilhoit for this advanced sports psychology webinar.

Increase the confidence you need to thrive under pressure

Learn mindset preparedness to overcome any mental or physical obstacle

Outsmart your competition and unlock your potential

Detailed visualization process

Structuring practices to focus on mental game

Detailed pre performance routine

Usage of phrases to create proper mental approach

Strategies to manage anxiety under high pressure situations

Answers to “icing the kicker”

Goal setting to prepare mentally for season

Mental approach to quarantine, strategies to thrive under adverse training conditions

If you’re ready to join countless professional athletes who have utilized sports psychology, join coach James Wilhoit to take your game to the next level.

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May 14 at 7 pm Live Webinar Event

  • Sport Psychology For Kickers
  • 60 Minute Live Presentation
  • 30 Minute Q & A
  • Limited Spots Available

Student Success Stories

“James is an excellent kicking coach. He provides great value for your investment. His camps and training sessions are very structured and well organized. He ensures there is plenty of one on one coaching time for every kicker. His coaching methods have greatly improved our son’s mechanics and consistency.”


“My son has been a student of James since he was an eighth grader. He has kicked against the best kickers in the nation at regional and national camps and has been ranked in the top 10 of two major rating services for his class since his sophomore year of high school. I believe James is the very reason my son has been able to set himself apart at camps, by taking his natural ability and incorporating sound mechanical techniques to let him be what his ability allows. The honesty, integrity, and guidance are the traits that I have appreciated the most from James.”


“James’ knowledge of the fundamentals of kicking was a blessing. Two of our kickers have greatly benefitted from the instruction received from James and it was very instrumental in George Bullock receiving a rare full scholarship to The University of Tennessee. George had over 80% touchbacks on kickoffs and a range of 50+ yards on placekicks. The attention to detail and film study of the kickers technique was key in getting a repetitive motion that can be repeate. Our guys can then refer back to key points when they get into a bad groove.”



Kicking to make a


You will never know what your true potential is as a kicking specialist until you do the proper training. James Wilhoit Kicking Coach trains approximately 100-120 kickers and punters across the state of Tennessee including Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis. Coach Wilhoit has sent 11 kickers on scholarship in the past 2 years to major Division 1 and MTSU. Wilhoit does kicking lessons in Tennessee as well as Tennessee kicking camps.

Take your game to the next level by going to the best kicking coach in Tennessee and one of the top coaches in the Southeast Universities including University of Tennessee, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, and MTSU. Wilhoit does kicking lessons in Tennessee as well as Tennessee kicking camps. Take your game to the next level by going to the best kicking coach in Tennessee and one of the top coaches in the Southeast.

Meet Your Kicking Coach

Coach James Wilhoit is training kickers and punters across the state of Tennessee in Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis. Helping athletes achieve scholarships as kickers at Southern Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas State, MTSU, Baylor, Maryland, Mississippi State and others.

I want everyone that trains with us to improve their confidence and fundamentals as a specialist, but also to know they are set up for success in life. With a specialist’s commitment to continuous improvement, they’ll be able to improve their game and anything they set their mind to. – Coach Wilhoit

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