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New Clients

Coach Wilhoit offers several competitive camps throughout the year. Click each one below to find the camp that’s best for you.

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At the heart of Wilhoit Kicking’s success is a simple conviction: education is essential to success. This is true in sports and also in adult life. At Wilhoit Kicking, we hustle to help your child gain the personalized top-of-class training, positive attitude, and discipline needed to thrive in our competitive world. We see every child’s involvement in our programs as an investment in their future and work hard to maintain our long-standing network of relationships and our scholarship success rate across the country. This is a conviction we’re passionate about, too. Building on the 17 College scholarships Wilhoit students received last year, we are working to help more than 100 Tennessee students obtain college scholarships by 2025 through our programs.


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