Coach Bill Renner
Head Football Coach, Author, Teacher
East Chapel Hill High School
Expert Trainer of Punters and Kicker since 1981

Few people accept the mental challenge of mastering a physical skill. Many people will accept and do the physical work necessary to become highly skilled. It is the few who become masters, assuming you can master a skill, that people want to learn from. Why?

Not because of their physical prowess but because of their ability to make the skill come alive mentally so the learner can vision what it is they are supposed to do. If the learner cannot find a mental vision of how the physical activity needs to be done then he can never reach the mastery level.

All actions begin with thoughts. Thus, the correct thoughts need to be in place prior to the action. This is the significance of having a person who understands why and how to teach/communicate the mental process of a physical skill.

I have worked with many elite level punters and kickers over the past 25+ years. Those athletes have gone on to perform in the Super Bowl, become All-Pro, and have reached the highest level of achievement in their profession. James Wilhoit is in the elite of the elite with regard to understanding and processing the skill of kicking.

Coach Gary Zauner

Former 13 Year NFL Special Teams Coordinator

1993 – 2001 – Minnesota Vikings
2002 – 2005 Baltimore Ravens
2006 Season Arizona Cardinals

James has been my assistant for a year. He was an excellent All American kicker at the University of Tennessee. James came to me for One on One Lessons and later decided to be a kicking coach.

Right now as a kicking consultant he is doing an excellent job working with young people.If you are a high school kicker looking for some technique work I highly recommend him for field goal technique, kickoffs, and he is also working with punting.

If you are a high school kicker call James Wilhoit…he will do a heck of a job for you!

Eddie Gran

Assistant Coach:
Florida St (ST Coach & Running Backs) 2010-2013
U. of Tennessee (ST Coach & Running Backs) 2009
Auburn (ST Coach & Running Backs) 1999-2008
Ole Miss (ST Coach & Running Backs) 1995-1998

“James expertise on developing specialists is as good as anyone in the country. His personal touch with each player separates him from other coaches.”

Shane Beamer

Assistant Coach:
Georgia (ST Coordinator) Present
Virginia Tech (ST Coach & Running Backs) 2011-2015
South Carolina (ST Coach & DB Coach) 2007-2011
Mississippi State (Assistant Coach) 2004-2006

“I had the pleasure of working with James at the University of Tennessee. I was always impressed with his work ethic and desire to be great. James was consistent in his approach day in and day out. There’s no question he’s the perfect coach and teacher to learn from.”

Dr. Craig Wrisberg

Professor of Sport Psychology
and Mental Training Consultant
University of Tennessee (Retired)

“I first met James Wilhoit in the fall of 2002 when he approached me about working on his mental approach to kicking.I knew that James had been an All-American kicker in high school and would likely be assuming the kicking duties at Tennessee the following season. Throughout his red-shirt year, James scheduled weekly sessions with me to identify the focus and emotions he wanted to have whenever he kicked.

We then began putting together a pre-kick routine he could incorporate into his practice sessions. Every time James would attempt a kick he would use the routine. A year later when his opportunity arrived James won the placekicking job, held it for the next four years, and earned both All-SEC and All-American honors during his career.

Over the past 25 years I have worked with hundreds of athletes but few have devoted the time and energy to developing their mental game the way James did. For anyone interested in working with a coach who knows the technical, tactical, AND mental aspects of placekicking I strongly encourage you to contact Coach Wilhoit and plan to spend some time with him.

I assure you that with James’ assistance you will develop the kind of kicking package that will give you the confidence you want to have EVERY TIME you’re called upon to put 3 points on the scoreboard.”