After having success training top kickers like Gary Wunderlich (Ole Miss), Aaron Medley (Tennessee) and many other BCS level kicking specialists, I have found some common traits between success and failure. I have never been opposed to my kickers playing soccer in the Spring but I can tell a HUGE difference when someone has neglected developing themselves physically.

Here is a list of the Top Kickers in the 2015 class by Kohls Kicking:

1) Justin Yoon- 5’11 185 lbs

2) Austin Seibert- 5’10 195 lbs

3) Andrew Galitz- 5’11 175 lbs

4) Jake Bailey- 6’2 185 lbs

5) Louie Zervos- 5’9 160 lbs

So after looking at the top kickers in the 2015 class you can see they average 5’11 185 pounds. Over the past 10-15 years kickers technique has improved dramatically but so too has strength training. The tiny soccer player that kicks a football for a few months a year is over. The commitment level has changed if you want to be one of the best in the game. Isaac Newton’s second law says “Force= Mass x Acceleration”. What this means for kickers is that you need to have the Mass (Body Weight) and the Acceleration (Foot Speed/Leg Speed) to kick the ball farther than the average kicker.

I made the website for this reason. I know that kickers need a plan for their lifting and they need VARIETY or they will get bored. I have a yearlong workout designed specifically for kickers that are 8th, 9th, and 10th graders. These are the years you should be desperately trying to move from being 120-140 lbs to 150 to 170 lbs by your junior year. This extra mass will give you the chance to compete at a national level.

advocare_logoThe last part of the equation is supplements. You need a solid protein to maximize your growth and recovery during your lifting. It is important to recover as quick as possible so you can lift more weights and get even bigger. I have struggled in the past with recommending supplements because I didn’t want to put my name on something that could be harmful or ineffective. After doing lots of research I believe that Advocare products are the best in the business. They are the best I know of because of the research behind them and the proven results. You can see my recommendations for supplements at . You can see the NFL players that are endorsers by clicking on this link Advocare endorsers . This list includes NFL starts Jason Witten and Drew Brees as well as 5 NFL kickers or punters.

Bottom line is that for the serious kicker you have to put in the time year round to be the best. If you follow the plan and combine lifting, proper kicking technique, and mental preparation than you will reach your true potential as a kicker.