Find the best fit. Stand out online. Get recruited!

Recruiting looks different than ever before, but Coach James Wilhoit is still here to walk you through the process. With over a decade of experience, he will help you find the perfect program at the next level. The Wilhoit Way is an unmatched kicking and punting program helping students succeed in life and education through football, helping 44% of students get college scholarships. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

Turn your talent into a competitive edge

Find the right school for YOU

Interact with coaches online

Speak the language of recruiting

Thrive in a competitive world

and so much more!

If you need help navigating the recruitment world, especially in the midst of a pandemic, Coach Wilhoit will help you lay out a clear path to the future you’ve been dreaming up and get a head start that’ll last a lifetime. Sign up today!