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Longtime Wilhoit Kicker Will Reichard Commits to Alabama


Congrats to longtime Wilhoit Kicker Will Reichard (pictured right) from Hoover, Alabama as he commits to his childhood favorite the University of Alabama. The consensus #1 kicker in the country was courted by the best teams in the country including Georgia, Oregon and LSU. Will has trained with me since 6th grade. His father, Gary, would drive him to Mt Juliet High School to train with me approximately 5-6 times a year. The first time I saw a video of Will I could tell he was going to be a special talent. What I didn't know at the time was his [...]

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Logan Cooke Drafted by Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2018 NFL Draft


Wilhoit Client Logan Cooke was drafted in the 7th round of the 2018 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Logan was the punter at Mississippi State for the past 3 years and has also handled the kickoff duties for the team. He was selected with the 247th pick in the 7th round. In that same draft there were 2 other punters selected from the SEC in Johnny Townsend and JK Scott. Logan has been a kicking client since 2010. We started off working on kicking fundamentals (pictured above) and I could see early on that his true value to a team [...]

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Is The Kickoff Ending? Tennessee Kickers Should Pay Attention


What time is kickoff? This is the common question for most footballs fans. In a few years the phrase might be "what time does the game start?" If the higher football powers have their way it might be the end of the kickoff. This could be a severe blow to kickers and punters in Tennessee. If you were to take away the kickoff you will hurt the value of the kicker. Schools may not offer scholarships anymore for the kicker and just scholarship the punter. There are over 75-100 kickers a year that can kick field goals at a college level. [...]

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Coaches Handling Kicking Specialists


Nebraska football coach Scott Frost doesn't believe in yelling or cussing his players. His core belief of no yelling stems from the idea of "no fear of failure". I have always believed in this theory after my own experiences in football. I went to Hendersonville High School and was an Parade All American. I was the top recruited kicker in the country and was the only 4 star kicker in the history of I attribute a lot of this success to "playing free". So what is "playing free"? Playing free is the idea of not being afraid to fail. I [...]

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Wilhoit Kickers Have Record Breaking Signing Day


The 2018 Wilhoit Signing class had a record number of 9 kicking specialists sign scholarships. This is a culmination of skill development, strength training and recruiting strategy that has helped these young men receive scholarships this year. There are some very talented kickers in Tennessee each year and I feel that colleges are really starting to take notice. I had one college coach tell me "Coach Wilhoit, every guy on our board is one of your guys. We aren't trying to take just your guys but you have the best." Over the years you start to make relationships with these college [...]

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2018 Tennessee Kicking Camps


The dates for the 2018 Wilhoit Kicking Camps have been posted. The Summer Specialists Camps are great for new and returning clients alike. I will be traveling to Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga again this year. These camps are designed to work on kicking and punting mechanics as well as a little competition as well. Some of the kickers to develop from these camps included Corey Fatony (Missouri), Jake McClure (Oklahoma St.) and Charles Campbell (Indiana). Kickers in the state of Tennessee keep improving because of superior kicking mechanics and developing their skills at younger ages. Getting a kicking scholarship is [...]

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Wilhoit 2017 Kickers & Punters are Excelling on the Field


Kickers in the state of Tennessee are continue to improve at a record pace as this is the 4th year in a row a Wilhoit kicker has won the Mr. Football Kicker of the Year Award for the state of Tennessee. There are many reasons for the improvement but one of them certainly has to be organized and effective kicking training. Jacob Smith (pictured above) won the 2016 Mr Football Award with an outstanding year. He hit 12/14 field goals including a long of 55 yards with 98% touchbacks on kickoffs. What makes winning this year's award so impressive is the [...]

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Specialization in Sports is Needed at Top Levels


I hear alot of people talk about how the majority of NFL players are multi-sport athletes. I think that is great but it should also be evaluated in context. In kicking, punting, and a pitcher in baseball it is vital to specialize by the 8th or 9th grade. Growing up I played baseball, basketball and soccer. I developed my change of direction and explosion from playing basketball and my ball striking skills from soccer. I believe you need to cross train at a young age to develop the whole athlete. I was fortunate though that in 7th grade our soccer coach [...]

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Crews Holt Wins Mr. Football Kicker of the Year


Congratulations to Crews Holt for winning the 2015 Mr. Football Kicker of the Year Award. Crews has been a client of mine since his freshman year of high school and I could not be more proud of his accomplishments. This makes 4 Wilhoit Kickers to win the award in the past 5 years! 2015- Crews Holt 2014-Laszlo Toser 2013- Rafael Gaglianone 2012- Jonathan King 2011- Henrique Ribeiro Crews has had a magical season that was capped off by a state championship where he was named the Offensive MVP in the game after hitting 4 field goals. In the semi finals Crews hit [...]

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Kicking Camps in Tennessee and Summer Plans


After doing kicking lessons in Tennessee for the past 7 years I have learned something about kickers and even more about soccer players. Your average kicker doesn't know he's going to be a kicker until at least sophomore year of high school and typically they are recruited by the football coach and  don't just volunteer their services. The position of kicker is different than any other position in team sports outside of a pitcher in baseball because you are in essence performing individually but asked to be part of the team. Kickers are like mercenaries or snipers that come in to [...]

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